Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Happies's been pretty weird over here (still no answers) and I feel like I've been really struggling to see anything positive. I decided I needed to grab myself by the virtual blogging shoulders and shake the vinegar out and see if I could find something positive to post about.......................................................

So. Ahem. Positive. OK. I got this.

Every Monday, Stephanie over @ Blessedtobe (fun blog to follow) hosts an internet-wide link up where she encourages everyone to post a blog about the little happies from their week. It's a worthy endeavor and I've been following along on her page for a while and reading all of the blogs that link up to hers.

I think it's high time I joined her in this little bunting bedazzled endeavor, so here goes:

My first edition of little happies!


Blessedtobe posted a baby picture of herself and that made me think of one I was given recently that I didn't know about. This self-portrait is a couple years before I fell in love with an Irishman, by the way. Good thing I *didn't* have curly red hair and I *wasn't* dressed head-to-toe in shamrocks. Pheww...that might have been embarrassing, knowwhatImean? ;)


There is finally something wandering around that I don't mind being tagged in! It's just a bunch of people posting flowers to break up all the negativity, nastiness, etc. that you have to scroll through on your newsfeed. And I *loooooooooooove* it. So I will encourage you all to have at it and just post random pictures of flowers on your page. I'll put an example of the post on Conceiving Hope's facebook page if you want to like it, I'll give you a kind of flower to post. Let's make fac.ebo.ok a big bouquet! Here's one I took back in 2006 while I was testing out a new digital camera I didn't know how to use yet. Pretty happy with this "throw away" snapshot. And I've never gotten as pretty of a shot since then, as luck would have it. lol.


Add mushrooms to this and you'll be a little happy too (picture is a link to the copycat recipe):

That's all I got. See? I can be happy for one blog post... :P


  1. That "throw away" shot is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love this SO much! Especially that baby pic. Not embarrassing at all, just freaking amazingly perfect. The flower thing going around fb was wonderful. Loved it! And of course lettuce wraps are always SO tasty!! A great first Little Happies post!! :D