Friday, July 25, 2014

Brussel Sprout Loathing on my Double Helix

Say hello to my well-dressed arch nemesis.
Let me just start out by saying that I hated brussel sprouts as a child. Hated. H A T E D.

Mexican stand-offs till 5 am, negotiating to peel them and trying to compromise that I would eat whatever was inside, not-gonna-happen-you-might-as-well-just-kill-me hated them.

And now that I'm well into my thirties, when the time to be vindicated of this deep-deep hatred for God's perfect image and design for brussel sprouts has LONG since passed........I learn that it is actually coded into my DNA to dislike them. God knew it as He knitted me together in the womb.

Loosely related....I'm just starting to get back my results. I can already tell that interpreting my genetic map is going to become a hobby that will consume all my spare time. But my severe genetic hate of brussel sprouts is by far the most important thing I will learn....sooooo... ;)

Thankfully, I *also* learned that the worst MTHFR mutation is not a factor for me. But I have a lot of homozygous mutations for the lesser version of it, as well as other clotting risk factors (Factor 11??). High level stuff: I'm at ten times the risk for endometriosis (um, yeah, got that memo already!), lowest risk known to mankind for atrial fibrillation throughout my life (yay?), and lots of issues processing neurotransmitters apparently. So much to learn just to understand these results. Let the journey begin!

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