Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Month in Life

Wow, has it been a MONTH or what?? I can hardly believe thirty days have passed since I started this little blog and began sharing my thoughts, experiences, and bad art with the world. But what an amazing month it has been. There's been suspense, drama, illness, revelations, healing, victories, prayer, and thanksgiving.

In every way, I have conceived hope this month. Making the time to unravel my thoughts out onto this little slice of the internet has been effort that has been rewarded far beyond the energy it took to do it. In some ways, I'm surprised that I had so much to say. In other ways, I'm shocked that *YOU* all have been reading. And I seriously love logging in each time and seeing a new surge in readership in another country. Twenty-six posts, Two thousand individual page views, 100+ comments, and this thing is off the ground and running.

So thank you for all of your messages. You did more than prove my contact form works! You reached out with love, prayers, suggestions, and support. You are wonderful and you've made this a lovely experience so far. And thank you so much to everyone for the comments. I love that this is a 2-way discussion so much. You make it worth having.

With that said, I am feeling phenomenally healthy as I type this. More than I have in a very, very long time. A week of adrenal healing has done so much good over here in this little body of mine. The mental fog is lifting and I can see my skin healing and I have been sleeping gloriously. I'm in my post peak right now and I barely have any idea what to do with the stupid grin on my well-rested face. This is not *normal* for me. This is usually the time in my cycle when all reason and logic disappear and I descend into the hormonal blackhole that is severe PMS.

It's an ugly place. And I am barely mentioning it, because I don't want it to even hear me and use my typing as a beacon or a way to find me. Yes, I treat PMS like a monster under the bed that waits for me. It's that ugly y'all! :)

So what do you do when you accomplish so much in a MONTH of writing? You branch out, I think. As long as I'm feeling well, I want to share other parts of the nooks and crannies that exist in my life. I want to share the creative things I invest time in, the foods I create in my kitchen, the harebrained ideas that I get caught up in, the beauty I find in life, and all the other miscellaneous things I can't think of how to describe just now.

So look out for new things to come in the days ahead! The only way I know how to dull the roar of IF is to drown it out with other things every now and again. There's only so much focus you can allow it to steal from you before you feel like a big, one-channel-radio, monochromatic bore.


  1. YES! Congrats on the one-month-iversary! And I'm SO pumped for the new things to come. :) Bring it on!! Recipes especiallies. :D

    1. Thank you for the enthusiasm. I've found myself on the net so much less in the past week because I've been up and out and doing things. I promise I'll throw some fun stuff up soon! :)

  2. Love the happiness, health, and enthusiasm radiating from this post!!! Happy blog-aversary. It's scary at first, sharing things that are so private in so public a manner. But I for one am glad you "took the plunge," and I'm so excited to see what lies ahead!! :)

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. Still radiating enthusiasm and health on P+8...fingers crossed for that to last over here!!!

      I agree that the 'public' part was the toughest for me to overcome in writing it all out. I debated just doing it so that it was viewable to myself - but that wouldn't have been nearly as cool an experience as posting 'out loud' has been.